Downeast Magazine, April 2, 2006

In Search of White Gold -- the Truffle of Maine

One morning in late fall, I met up with chef Rob Evans and his partner, Nancy Pugh, in front of Hugo’s, their Portland restaurant. We stood around in the cold air, looking up at a sky that threatened rain, sipping... [read more]

Restaurant Review, April 2, 2006

One Fifty Ate

158 Benjamin Pickett Street South Portland (207) 799-8998 Open yearround, breakfast and lunch Tues.-Sun. 7am-2pm, dinner Thurs.-Sat. 5:30- 9:30. Hors d’oeuvres $3, first courses and salads $6-$9, entrées $10-$15, desserts $5. Reservations suggested. Pull up in front of One Fifty... [read more]

Musings, October 4, 2005

Invitation to a Winetasting

Many of us are familiar with the Friday night wine tasting scene at the local wineshop, or, if we've ventured to vineyards in wine country here or abroad, with the basic tasting room set-up with its bar, bottles, glasses, and the bucket or barrel tucked discreetly into the corner for spitting. In France, however, there is a kind of tasting that the public never sees, official tastings which take place some months to some years after the harvest and whose purpose is to ensure that what is in the bottle lives up to the label. [read more]

Musings, October 4, 2005

The War on Wine

I must have some Luddite blood. I don't own a Blackberry or a mobile phone or a digital TV, don't posses a single video game, and prefer my clothes of wool or cotton. I like to split firewood and forage for wild mushrooms, will never own a car that doesn't have a stick shift, and prefer to know something about the food and drink I put in my mouth, preferably the person who produced it. As well, I've never met a foie gras I didn't like, couldn't live without my Macintosh, and have just spent far too much money on a 5-burner, dual-fuel, stainless steel stove for my kitchen. So much for consistency, but that is who I am. [read more]

Restaurant Review, July 28, 2005

Porte Rouge

Although Maine abounds in humble eateries, it is rare to find a restaurant both unpretentious yet ambitious at the same time, particularly off the beaten track in Waterville. Porte Rouge, which takes up the ground floor of an old house off College Avenue, began a year and a half ago as chef Wes Johnston’s culinary school final project, one that has drawn in the whole family and looks to keep them busy for some time to come. [read more]

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