Cover of our new book, Fresh From Maine

Just when you thought it was safe to go into the bookstore! Yes, this time not only did I write another book, but I started a company to go along with it. Want to see the new me? Go to to get the skinny on Fresh From Maine: Recipes and Stories From the State's Best Chefs. You might even want to pick up a copy right there.

What's up with all the changes? Well, folks, if you're a middle-aged midlist nonfiction writer like myself, adapt or die wouldn't be too strong a mission statement. Yes, our company's first work is a good old fashioned book, beautiful, lush, and chockablock with tasty recipes, too, I might add. But you will soon be able to buy that book for your Kindle, iPad, or other e-reader, follow our shenanigans on Facebook, and generally get some vicarious thrills watching a couple of old dogs practicing their new tricks. It may be ugly at the start (you should have seen our web design meetings, lambs off to digital slaughter we were), but we should get the hang of it.